Monday, December 9, 2013

In Which I Head East to Find the Highway Closed!

Out of Thunder Bay early, but not too early. It's quiet out here today. My plan is to stop in the Sault for the night, and then make Toronto the following evening. The roads are better than I expected, given that I had to dig out the car this morning. After I clear Thunder Bay there are portions of road which are  actually sort of clear and wet. But the temperature is falling.

It does not take too many more miles for the ice and snow to edge back onto the road. Superior is tossing up fog, snow clouds, and squalls as I skirt the rocky edges. It's a great and wild inland sea.

It's pretty slippery, so I'm driving slowly. I'm not going to make the Sault until quite late.

Beyond this point, darkness falls fast, and the road covers entirely with snow and ice. When I reach Marathon, ON, I get off this two faced road. Now it is snowing hard. The road report now says that the highway has been closed entirely at Wawa! That's a long 200 km away on a night like this. I check into the Zero to 100 Motel. It's warm. I'm tired. I'll give the crews all night to clear this road for me!

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